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There are many ways to sew together knitted fabric, and each version serves a different purpose. For example, you use one kind of seaming to join adjacent lengths of stockinette stitch and another to connect vertical and horizontal pieces of the same fabric. Read More...
At some point you'll be knitting along, feeling confident and picking up speed, when all of a sudden, you've run out of yarn. Don't panic—there's a very easy way to remedy that situation, and it's called "joining yarn." Read More...
Getting started is the hardest part, but once the basic stitch is mastered, the rest will be smooth crocheting. You'll be ready to move onto more complicated stitches before you know it. Read More...
Unlike circular needles, double-pointed needles are used only for tubular pieces. Actually, the very first circular knitting was done on double-pointed needles. Since the invention of circular needles, double-pointed needles are used less often, usually to knit small items such as mittens, gloves, socks hats and sleeve cuffs. Read More...
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The selvage (or selvedge) of knit fabric is an edge formed by changing the stitch pattern at the beginning and end of every row. This stabilizes the fabric and prepares it for seaming or creates a finished edge on pieces that will have no further finishing. Read More...
Crocheted edges are important to finishing your crocheted projects. You can use them to create a specific style or just to give your garment a polished finish. Read More...
Learning how to increase and decrease gives you the key that unlocks the door to all sorts of wonderful pattern stitches and shaping of garment pieces. Although your first projects should be straight and narrow scarves—so you can practice chaining and turning, and making stitches uniform in size—you’ll soon have the itch to advance to something a little more challenging. Read More...
Crochet edges are a great option for finishing knit garments as they add stability and flatten curling pieces. Easy to make, they can easily be redone until you achieve the desired effect, so feel free to experiment. Read More...